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Teaching Your Dog How to Get Along with A New Feline Friend

Are you the owner of a dog and you are about to bring a cat into the home?  If you are then there are some things you will need to know.  Not all dogs hate cats, but even the most well-mannered canine can get into trouble when they are exposed to a cat for the first time.  Bringing a cat into the home will be a huge change for your pet pooch and these tips can make things a little easier on everyone.

Never Allow Your Dog to Chase the Cat

We all know that cats living with dogs will work out fine in many households, but for those of you who are new to the mix, there will need to be some rules to live by.  First and foremost, when bringing a cat into your home, always make sure that your dog does not chase the cat.  While your dog may just be trying to play with the cat, it could lead to something more serious.  Felines, as you probably already know, don’t like to be bothered and when they do, they can lash out, sometimes causing injury.  So make sure that your dog is on their best behavior when introducing them to the new arrival. To learn more about how to stop your dog from chasing your cat, please check out this helpful link.

Start Young When Possible

If you are thinking of bringing a cat into a home ruled by a dog, it’s wise to start young.  Instead of getting a cat that has already reached adulthood, why not get a kitten?  Most kittens are very sweet and they will naturally get along with any animal that they are introduced to.  Kittens can be playful, but not in a harmful way.  This will allow your dog to let his guard down and learn to love his new feline sibling.  Unless your dog has an aggressive nature, most canines will quickly take to kittens and make them feel like part of the pack.  On the other hand, an adult cat may have already have had negative experiences with dogs and this can pose a real challenge in the home.  So when possible, choose a younger cat to serve as your new pet.

Make Sure Each Animal Has Their Own Space

When you bring in a new pet into the home, make sure that each animal has their own personal space.  This will give them their own area to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed.  Both cats and dogs are very protective over their areas, so make sure that you space them far enough apart.  This will help build a happy home for everyone involved, including you.  For more information on helping your pets get along, please check out this website.

These simple tips will help make the transition of bringing a cat into the home much easier.  Remember to never let your dog chase the cat and give each animal their own space.  Over time, your two pets will learn to love one another, just like siblings.

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