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Buying a cat – Pros and cons

If you like cats and have decided to have a kitten for yourself, you should carefully read the necessary information on nursing and feeding the kitten.
The average life expectancy of a cat is 15-20 years. All these years, you will be responsible for the life and health of your pet. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully making the final decision on buying a cat.

Remember, that it is easy to get a cat, but it’s more difficult to take care of it. And this is not only about feeding and cleaning the toilet tray. Annual vaccinations, a veterinarian’s examination, care of the hair and claws are still necessary. You also have to take care of castration or selection of a breeding partner. This should be considered when you decide what kind of a kitten to get – to have a she cat or a he cat. Naturally with the male feline you will have less problems because there will not be any troubles with childbirth and kittens. A lot of people solve these problems having their cats castrated and sterilized. It is not a secret that most castrated cats develop obesity; the animal becomes less mobile and inactive. As a result, life expectancy of a cat decreases; many diseases of internal organs can develop. So, maybe you should not deprive your pet of a full-fledged cat life? If you really love cats, it is not worth it because if you have your cat castrated, the animal will lead a boring and monotonous life. After all, in fact, nursing and feeding kittens doesn’t take much time.

Should you buy a cat if you or your family members are allergic to fur? This is a very serious question, it is often asked by people who have the problem of allergy, but dreaming of having a kitten. You need to consult a doctor and get medical approval that you are allergic to feline fur. This must be done before buying a kitten.
You shouldn’t also forget that the cat needs to communicate with you and you have to pay attention to your fluffy friend. If you spend a little time at home, it may be worth thinking about buying two kittens. They will never be bored and communicate with each other. If you already have a cat and you want another one, then you need to think about the issue of their relationship. If your cat is calm and not aggressive, then there will be no problems. Such a cat often assumes the role of a parent in relation to a new kitten and in the future friendly relations will be established between them. The atmosphere in the house should be friendly to the new kitten. Try to play with more often and pet it.

If it is not so important to you what breed your pet will be, then we recommend that you pay attention to the shelter cats. Such animals do not differ from those that you can find in zoo stores, but you will save life and get a grateful and loving friend! On the Internet you can find source for pet adoption and in addition you can get a lot of practical pieces of advice how to take care of it.

If you are a connoisseur of purebred animals, then it’s best to contact the breeders. Such specialists will always tell you about the character, temperament, intellect and other features of the breed, about how to take care of a cat and what you can face having such a pet.

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