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4 Dog Training Methods to Try

We all stress a little about owning our first dog. You have so much to teach him, such as how to use the bathroom outside and how to stop destroying your favorite shoes. It takes a lot of time and effort to train a dog, but it is a rewarding process. You just need to figure out what method works best for your dog and you.

Here are a few methods to try out on your dog.

Clicker Training

Buy a dog training clicker from any store that carries pet supplies. Superstores like Walmart and Target carry dog clickers, but for a wider selection visit pet specialty stores, such as PetCo and PetSmart. The price of a clicker generally ranges from about $1 to $20.

Start your training with a few simple commands, such as sit, stay, and lay. Click the clicker every time your dog successfully completes a command. The click acts as a quick way to reward a dog for a job well done.  Always give your dog a treat after each correctly completed command.

Train with Treats

Lose the clicker and focus on training with only treats. Say a command, and then reward the dog with a delicious snack. Do not give a it for every successful command, because then he will become too dependent on the treat. This may mean refusal to do the trick when not rewarded with food.

Start by giving a treat everytime the dog completes a successful trick, but when it seems like he mastered the trick, start working on having him do it without the snack. Replace treats with praise.

Give Praise

Clap, cheer, or give a joyous scream when your dog completes a trick. Make sure to say things like “good job” and “you’re a good boy.” Change the affliction of your voice so that he knows that you’re happy with his success.

The dog will enjoy the praise so much that he repeats these tricks for positive affirmations.

Use a Digital Device

Buy a monitor device to attach to your dog’s collar. Garmin’s Delta Smart Dog Training System sends a slight vibration to the dog to prevent him from practicing unwanted behavior.


For example, if a dog starts to chew your shoes, you can press a button on Garmin’s app to send vibrations that alerts the dog to stop.


Garmin’s Delta Smart system costs about $150, but the site offers coupons via Groupon.


Some other digital dog training devices are Naturepets’s No Bark Collar and PetTech’s remote controlled dog training collar.


Generally, Keep dog training repetitive. Practice commands daily, so it becomes part of your pet’s habits. Stay positive even when frustrated with your dog’s progress. Keep your training to only ten minutes a day to keep his energy high.

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